Core Competencies:

  • Market Feasibility Studies
  • Pre-Launch Market Planning
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Launch
  • Sales, e-Commerce, Marketing
  • Operations and Climate-Controlled Warehousing

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Cross-pollinate existing success and new-market strategies

Your products are successful in existing markets for a reason. Instead of “reinventing the wheel,” we keep all the strength of your program, but add what’s needed for success in the new market.

We apply in-country expertise relating to the regulatory environment, cultural considerations, technology, logistics, operations, sales and marketing.

We seek endorsements. Drawing on our extensive network of contacts, we can quickly create relationships with practitioners who are opinion leaders for specific therapeutic indications. These doctors are from the best schools, are prominent in their specialty and have a high profile because they actively publish articles and research. We’ll use endorsements from these leaders to accelerate brand awareness and product recommendations.

We show results quickly and with minimum investment. Companies can spend $2-10M trying to enter US markets by acquiring an American nutraceutical company. But if they run it like a European company, they’ll quickly be out of business. The same goes for American companies trying to buy their way into German markets. Plus, according to Harvard Business Review, 70-90% of acquisitions fail. For a fraction of what it takes to make an acquisition, German Pharma Consulting can bring your product to market. Depending on your existing product and program, it’s conceivable that we can have you generating revenues within just 12 months. Our general consultation rate is $185 per hour.

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